let’s see where this one goes

I’ve been wanting to start a blog since, like, the invention of TIME. So I’m doing it. Right now.

Maybe nobody will read it and that’s okay. Actually that would so not be okay and if nobody reads it I’m going to delete the shit out of it. It’ll be like those times when you put a photo on Instagram and nobody likes it except like maybe two people but those two people are sooo not high profile enough to save your street rep, which is severely damaged. I mean, if you put something on Instagram and it gets any less than 10 likes (I think this is when it turns from a list of names to saying “10 people liked this”, which is sort of Instagram’s way of being like “too many people liked this to even list their names” and that is super badass) you never should have posted it. That photo doesn’t deserve to exist. You’re gonna spend the next 7 minutes wondering if anyone would notice if you took it down and what course of action is going to leave you looking cooler at the end of the day.

Because, at the end of the day, we all just wanna be cool. We want to be that person who is effortlessly cool. But none of us are. We all try pretty hard, and that’s okay. It really is.
I’m going to leave this up for a bit and if nobody reads it (which is likely, let’s face it) I’ll probably delete it.
Hopefully nobody notices. My street rep can’t really take another blow.

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